Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler is Right for Saying He’s ‘Too Nice’ with O-line

By Clyde A. Speller

Earlier this week, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler mentioned that he’s been “too nice” to his offensive line as of late. At the beginning of the season, Cutler was criticized for yelling and pushing offensive tackle J’Marcus Webb during a Monday night game against the Dallas Cowboys.

If you ask me, getting in the face of teammates when they aren’t doing their job is what a leader, especially a quarterback, should do. This shows their passion and willingness to win.

Being passive and nonchalant when your offensive line is letting defenders knock you around throughout the game doesn’t help the progress of the players individually and doesn’t help the offense as a whole.

On average, Chicago’s offensive line is allowing the second-most sacks per game. In Week 2 versus the Green Bay Packers, the Bears’ only loss of the season so far, Cutler was sacked seven times. Against the Carolina Panthers, the o-line surrendered six sacks in the first half.

Unfortunately, Cutler takes a lot of heat for his demeanor on the sideline and during press conference interviews. In addition, Cutler has the attributes of a great passer, but hasn’t proven to be a winner, which would put him in a class as one of the elite quarterbacks in the league.

I’ve been watching football for a long time, and I’ve seen quarterbacks like Troy Aikman, Steve Young, and John Elway (just to name a few) yelling and barking at their teammates when they miss an assignment, and no one ever said that they were being too hard. As a matter of fact, they were praised for doing what they did, and many said that’s why they are the great players that they are, and why they are champions.

My advice to Cutler is not to conform to what everyone says. Be the person that you are. You were named one of the team captains for a reason, and you should do what a captain of a Super Bowl contending team should do. If you have to get in an offensive lineman’s face so that he can get his head into the game, do so. It’s your butt that’s being sacrificed at the expense of their lack of focus.

Just continue on being the type of leader that you are on the field, on the sideline, and in the locker room, and you will eventually be in the same class as Aikman, Young, and Elway.

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