Dallas Cowboys' Rob Ryan Calls Philadelphia Eagles NFL's Most Talented Team

By Ben Grimaldi


Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is used to boasting about a team, it’s just usually his defense for the Cowboys. Today, however, Ryan talked in glowing terms about the Cowboys division rival and Sunday’s opponent, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ryan said the Eagles were the NFL‘s most talented team and went onto to say LeSean McCoy was the best running back in the league.

All I can say is wow! I’m not one for conspiracy’s but it sure sounds like Rob Ryan is auditioning for the Eagles coaching job in case Andy Reid gets fired. After all, he is talking about a team that is 3-5, just like the one he coaches for.

In all seriousness though, Ryan is right to talk up the Eagles talent because they torched his defense in Philly last year. LeSean McCoy did most of the damage by rushing for 185 yards and two touchdowns in the Eagles 34-7 blowout win.

I’m not saying that Ryan doesn’t believe in what he’s saying when it comes to Philadelphia and their talent but perhaps he’s talking them up a little to get his defense ready to play? The Cowboys didn’t fair so well against the Eagles last year and their season is on the line this Sunday. If the defense doesn’t play well, their goal of making the playoffs will be on life support and they cannot afford to fall any further back . The biggest key for the Cowboys could very well be how much pressure they can put on a quarterback in Michael Vick who has taken a beating this season.

Dallas’ defense needs to be ready for this game and bring the pressure to force Vick and the Eagles offense into the same mistakes they’ve been making all year. Do that and the Cowboys should win this game.  If the Cowboys can’t force any turnovers against a team that gives the ball away, then Ryan’s assessment may prove to be prophetic.

Yes, the Eagles have talent but like the Cowboys, they’ve failed to put it all together on the field. Is this gamesmanship by Ryan or is he really scared of the Eagles this weekend?

Luckily the game is almost here and all the talk goes away when they kickoff on Sunday. Let’s hope all the Cowboys talent outplays the Eagles talent.

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