Former Dallas Cowboy Great Roger Staubach Says Jerry Jones Need to Step Back as GM

By Marc Jenkins
Roger Staubach Says Jerry Jones Needs to Let Someone Else Become Cowboys GM
Matthew Emmons-US Presswire

There has been plenty of talk over the past week regarding Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones‘ alternate role as the team’s general manager, and whether or not he should remain in that role or allow someone else to take over. You can now add a former Cowboys great to the conversation, as Friday morning Hall-of-Fame quarterback Roger Staubach weighed in on the topic with his views.

Making an appearance as a guest on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning, Staubach had the following to say about Jones as the Cowboys’ general manager:

“Jerry is trying real hard. He goes back to the days when they won three Super Bowls. I think the formula is he’s got to find a medium ground and delegate more authority.” Staubach followed with “If they’re out of it this year, he’ll continue to get more and more criticism as far as how he’s handling the team.”

Earlier this week, Jones said “No way that I would be involved here and not be the final decision maker on something as important as players…..It’s been a debated thing, but it’s just not going to happen, ” when asked if he’d ever consider stepping down as the team’s general manager.

The Cowboys are currently 3-5 this season and are in jeopardy of missing out on the postseason for the third consecutive season. One of the major reasons that many feel Dallas hasn’t had much postseason success as of late is due to the type of players that they have had in their locker room over the past five seasons. They have plenty of talent – that has never been the issue; however what is in question is their discipline, as the Cowboys have been amongst the league leaders in penalties and turnovers in each of the past three seasons.

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