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Houston Texans Running Back Arian Foster Is A Vegan, Sometimes


In the off-season Houston Texans running back Arian Foster made some news in the football world when he declared himself a vegan. It was at that point when Texan fans and fantasy football players all over started to worry about what that might mean for Foster’s game?

As it turns out, nothing. Foster is fifth in the NFL in rushing yards with 770 and has scored a league high 10 touchdowns. So it doesn’t appear as if his new lifestyle has changed his game in any way.

Perhaps that’s because Foster really isn’t a vegan after all. Foster told the Houston Chronicle, “Nothing’s going to happen to me. I just wanted a piece of chicken. It wasn’t like temptation. I felt like I could use one.”

One? Isn’t that against the rules and is it something he regretted later? Apparently not because here’s what else Foster had to say about his diet.

“I’ve been dabbling back and forth,” Foster said. “I just like to eat healthy. The whole vegan thing, a lot of people are really interested in my food. I’ve had meat since I said I don’t eat meat anymore, but I like to stay with the plant-based foods, but every now and then, I’ll eat something.”

So to sum it all up, Arian Foster is a vegan when he feels like being one and he still considers himself a vegan even though he doesn’t actually live the life of one. To me this is like saying, I’m not a smoker but I’ll have a cigarette when I’m “socializing.” People on diets are known to have a cheat day but I think this is a different story.

I’m pretty sure what Foster is doing is not exactly the way being a vegan works.

The truth is no one should care what Arian Foster eats except Arian Foster, and I certainly don’t care. However, it does make for a fun conversation and I am all about that.

Anyone else got a hankering for some KFC?

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