NFL Injuries: Top 10 Injuries Through Week 9

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Top 10 NFL Injuries Through Week 9


The 2012 NFL season is officially at the halfway mark, and most if not all teams are dealing with their fair share of injuries.

Some injuries can derail a team while some can open the door for a backup player to make an impact. Nonetheless, injuries are as much a part of the game as the helmets and football themselves.

How a team performs after a starter goes down, speaks volumes about the coaching staff, scouts and general manager who’ve assembled the team. However, if a team falls apart, it can and will most likely cost some people their jobs.

To survive injuries, teams must have depth at each and every position. This makes the jobs of the scouting department and general manager particularly important. Should they fail in their evaluation of talent, it could easily spell disaster for their teams.

This season has been no different from others; some teams have had to absorb some heavy blows due to injury. In this article, I aim to point out what I consider the ten biggest injuries through nine weeks of NFL football.

My criteria are simple, and for the most part, the names on my list are those of cornerstones in their team’s offensive and defensive strategy. These men are seen as crucial parts of their team’s makeup and may even be valued as irreplaceable.

I've scurried through injury report after injury report and have narrowed that list down to these ten men. Now if, you will allow me to, I present my top ten injuries through nine weeks of play.

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10. Fred Davis


Fred Davis, TE Washington Redskins

The Redskins placed their star tight end on season ending injured reserve due to a torn Achilles’ Tendon in week seven against the New York Giants.

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9. Brent Grimes

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Brent Grimes CB Atlanta Falcons

Grimes was lost for the season due to a torn Achilles’ Tendon in week one against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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8. Todd Herremans

Chris Morrison-US PRESSWIRE

Todd Herremans T Philadelphia Eagles

Herremans left the game against the New Orleans Saints in week nine with a right ankle injury. It has since been determined that he suffered severe ligament damage and has been placed on injured reserve.

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7. Davin Joseph

Jeff Griffith-US PRESSWIRE

Davin Joseph G Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Joseph was placed on injured reserve with a torn right patellar tendon suffered against the New England Patriots during the preseason.

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6. Carl Nicks


Carl Nicks G Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Nicks is the second of two Pro Bowl guards, which the Buccaneers have placed on season ending injured reserve. Nicks suffered a torn plantar plate in his left big toe.

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5. Lardarius Webb

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

Lardarius Webb CB Baltimore Ravens

Webb was carried off the field in week six against the Dallas Cowboys and was subsequently placed on injured reserve with a torn left ACL.

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4. Brian Cushing


Brian Cushing LB Houston Texans

Cushing was placed on injured reserve after suffering a torn left ACL in week five against the New York Jets.

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3. Sean Lee


Sean Lee LB Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys placed Lee on season ending injured reserve after the linebacker suffered a torn plantar plate in his right big toe against the Carolina Panthers in week seven.

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2. Darrelle Revis

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Darrelle Revis CB New York Jets

Arguably the best cornerback in the NFL, Revis was lost for the season in week three against the Miami Dolphins to a torn left ACL.

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1. Ray Lewis


Ray Lewis LB Baltimore Ravens

Lewis suffered a complete right triceps tear in week six against the Dallas Cowboys and was placed on injured reserve. Chances are that we may have seen Lewis take the field for the last time, during his illustrious 17-year career

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