NFL Rumors: Arizona Cardinals' DE Calais Campbell is Hiding an Injury

By Kase Brammer
Calais Campbell Arizona Cardinals
Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

The Arizona Cardinals could be dealing with another injury. DE Calais Campbell was seen moving slowly in the locker room on Tuesday favoring one of his legs. It is the Cardinals bye week, so league rules say they don’t have to fill out an injury report. The Cardinals are using a wait and see approach to figure out of Campbell will be able to play in week 11 against the Atlanta Falcons.

If Campbell is out, this could mean a weakness on the right side of the field. The Cardinals do not have a favorable backup plan if this is the case. LB Sam Acho has benefited from lining up behind Campbell for the first 9 weeks of the season and could have some problems with Campbell out. This year Campbell was listed as one of the top 50 players in the NFL.

What does the injury mean if it’s serious? Well, this could be the final nail in the Cardinals’ season. They have lost 5 games in a row and are currently just a half game ahead of the last place St. Louis Rams. Luckily for the Cardinals, they are in a position where there is time for his injury to heal. If there is ever a good time to get injured it is heading into a bye week.

The Cardinals have not confirmed the injury, but it could be the hamstring. DE Darnell Dockett suffered a similar injury, if that is indeed what it is, earlier in the year. He was not a 100 percent for a couple of games and his numbers will tell that story. Campbell has done well these past couple games, so you have to assume the injury was suffered in a loss to the Green Bay Packers.

Whatever the case, the Cardinals will be hurting bad heading into the game against undefeated Falcons.

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