Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick Fined for Late Hit Against New Orleans Saints

By Bryn Swartz

In 2010, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb became the first quarterback in NFL history to be fined for a horsecollar tackle, which occurred after he threw an interception. I thought that was bad.

This is worse.

According to Pro Football Talk, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has been fined $7875 for a low block on New Orleans Saints safety Roman Harper. The play resulted in a 99-yard interception touchdown by Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson.

So let me set the record straight. Vick threw an interception. He went to make the tackle on Robinson. And he was fined for a low block. Where’s the block? Offenses make blocks. Defenses do not make blocks. They try to make tackles.

I am speechless over Vick getting fined. He shouldn’t even have been penalized for the so-called low block, let alone fined.

I can only imagine what one of the game’s old-time players like Dick Butkus or Jack Ham would think over that fine.

Oh, and interestingly enough, a hit on Vick by Saints’ linebacker Martez Wilson drew a flag but it did not result in a fine. Fascinating. So the hit from the quarterback receives a fine, but the hit from the linebacker on the quarterback, the game’s most protected specimen, did not receive a fine.

For what it’s worth, I do not believe that Tom Brady receives a fine. Neither would Peyton Manning. But Vick? Sure, why not fine him, right?

The Eagles ended up losing the game 28-13, essentially ending their playoff chances. Their season will officially end if/when they lose to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday afternoon.

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