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Towel-gate Now Behind San Diego Chargers Organization

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Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE

Towel-gate has finally been brought to rest as the NFL announced that the San Diego Chargers have been cleared of any wrongdoing from the Monday night game against the Denver Broncos. This conclusion was reached by the league nearly a month after the initial allegations were brought against the team. There were still punishments handed down by the league however, even though the Bolts were found not guilty.

A $20,000 fine was assessed for the Chargers failing to cooperate with the NFL in its investigation of that Monday night contest. The club was also punished because their equipment manager refused to cooperate with the officials of the game that night when asked to hand over the towels in question. Reports say that the team will appeal the fine and will not reprimand the employee in question for his actions because he cooperated fully with game officials once he realized that they wanted to examine the towel in question.

What the league decided as a result of this is not to allow any NFL teams to use the brand of towel in question for the remainder of the season. Those towels are vitally important to many quarterbacks in games where weather is a factor and will be sorely missed by signal caller looking to gain a better grip on the pigskin.

While restricting towel usage may seem like an insignificant decision, it could make a huge difference in the fourth quarter if a driving rain storm forces a fumble that otherwise would have been prevented. The most significant portion of this matter for the Bolts is that they will not be docked draft choices as it was initially assumed and that more importantly; they gained no competitive advantage by using the towels in question.

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