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Who Do The New York Giants Let Go Of To Activate Will Hill?

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The New York Giants are going to get safety Will Hill back this week. Hills had been suspended four games for adderall use, much like his teammate Tyler Sash. It appears he’s going to play this Sunday, though he doesn’t need to be activated until Monday. The thing is, the Giants need to make a roster move in order to do so. So who could go? Here are a couple of options.

Sash could be the person that goes. They play the same position, except when Hill was healthy he got more playing time with defense and special teams than Sash did. Sash only has four tackles this season. Hill could easily take the spot of Sash and not miss a beat. Plus if Kenny Phillips is healthy, him,¬†Stevie Brown and Antrel Rolle may all play at the same time with Hill as the backup. You don’t need five¬†safeties.

Justin Tryon: In the same vein to my previous point, if you are going to play three safeties at times, you don’t necessarily need an extra corner, which is what Tryon would be. Jayron Hosley and Michael Coe are clearly above him on the depth chart. Maybe you keep that extra safety and let the corner go.

Adewale Ojomo: The Giants defense is built on the pass rush. Ojomo showed a lot of ability during preseason, however, he’s been hurt most of this season and only appeared in one game. The Giants have a lot of depth along the defensive line so that could lead them to letting him go.

A tight end: The Giants have four active tight ends. There really isn’t a reason to carry four. If Travis Beckum isn’t healthy they could simply cut him. Adrien Robinson isn’t going anywhere considering how much they believe in his ability. Bear Pascoe could be the guy if Beckum is healthy, because Beckum is more of a receiving option and could go right back into his backup tight end spot.


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