DeSean Jackson Quietly Having Most Productive Season of NFL Career

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-US Presswire

Philadelphia Eagles’ WR DeSean Jackson made his mark in the NFL by blazing down the gridiron with his freakish speed, and hauling in absurdly long touchdown catches with ease.

But this season, Jackson is having the most consistent and productive campaign of his career by just catching passes, and gaining modest yardage.

Eight weeks into this 2012 season, Jackson has grabbed 37 passes for 624 yards. This puts the 5th-year wide-out on pace to catch 74 balls for 1,248 yards this season, which would both be career highs.

Jackson has only recorded two touchdowns so far this year, but much of the blame for this can be attributed to QB Michael Vick and the Eagles’ massive struggles when it comes to scoring this season. The Eagles sit at 30th in the NFL, scoring a pathetic 16.6 points per game.

Now here is a truly amazing statistic to take into consideration:

Before this season, the longest stretch of games that Jackson ever had with more than 43 yards receiving in a row was 4 games. He only accomplished this feat one time in his career, during his rookie season.

This season, Jackson has yet to total less than 43 yards receiving in any game, holding onto a 10-game streak dating back to last season. The consistency that these statistics prove is really impressive, considering how low Jackson has been flying under the radar this season.

Ask any NFL quarterback or coach, they would rather have a wide-out that puts together consistently solid performances, instead of pulling in a +50-yard touchdown one week and then falling off the face of the earth during the next week.

At the same time, Jackson did finally break free last week for a 77-yard touchdown catch against the New Orleans Saints, which was by far his longest grab of the season.

Jackson’s “one-man show” and “look at me” attitude has seemed to have vanished this season, which is likely why is he producing so consistently, as the receiver is looking out for the good of the team as opposed to just trying to get on SportsCenter on every play.

The fact that Jackson signed a fat 5-year, $51 million contract during the off-season could have something to do with his recent team-player mindset.

It’s great to see Jackson putting up such productive numbers, with a new and improved outlook on the game and a new respect for his teammates. The Eagles will need the wide-out to continue his success if they want to have any chance at making the playoffs this season.


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