Hail to the Chief is Theme of NFL Week 10 Picks

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President Barack Obama and the New York Giants

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President Barrack Obama was reelected Tuesday. Hail to the Chief!

NFL theme picks is something that I began two years ago. The way it works is instead of just picking games and analyzing them like everyone else, I find a theme for the week. Then I use that theme to predict every game against the spread. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it does not.

I do not encourage people to bet on sports. My advice to anyone who wants to bet on football or anything else is keeping your money in your pocket. The world is full of people whose systems have failed.

My NFL theme picks are simply a fun way to look at the games and see how I do against the spread. It is not advice on who to pick and in no way condones gambling.

With that said, this week's theme is about NFL head coaches. Which ones would be reelected by their fans and which ones would not? All of us have opinions on how our favorite teams should be run. Talk radio is full of general managers.

If the fan base of each city had a chance to go to the polls which head coaches would they reelect? Which ones would they replace? Like CNN, Fox, CBS, NBC and ABC, I am going to try and predict how both Democrats and Republicans feel about their football coaches. When it comes to NFL fans and their teams the only party affiliation is Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins or whomever.

All of Karl Rove's money will never change that.

So here is a thumbs up or down for each NFL coach along with predictions as to who will cover the spread this weekend. Home teams will be in capital letters.

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NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS -11.5 over Buffalo Bills


Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has been to five Super Bowls and won three. He is coming off of a season in which New England won the AFC championship. It is safe to say he would be reelected and wouldn't care if he wasn't.

Chan Gailey has been with the Bills for three seasons and has a 13-27 record. This leads to a bad economy, empty seats and a coach losing his job.


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New York Giants -4 over CINCINNATI BENGALS


Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is like Bill Clinton. He can show that his team is making progress every year and people still want him impeached. Then Coughlin comes out on the other side with the prize. The guess here is that as defending world champion Coughlin would barely win the swing states.

Marvin Lewis is the incumbent that seems to never have any competition. Thus, his fans get the same thing year after year. I'm sure that if it were up to them and not owner Mike Brown some new, dynamic person would be voted onto the Cincinnati sideline.

Pick: Giants

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TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS -3 over San Diego Chargers


The Bucs have a coach in Greg Schaino that's like George W. Bush. He is going to do whatever he wants and think that you are crazy for questioning him. Right now, Schiano is in the honeymoon period and Tampa seems to be improving. But this is Florida. Schiano could coach the whole season before anyone found out what the results were.

Norv Turner has broken the rules and served more than two terms in office. He has spent one with the Washington Redskins, one with the Oakland Raiders and now the Chargers. As of right now the votes are in and as far as San Diego fans are concerned Turner should be giving his exit speech.

Pick: Chargers

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DENVER BRONCOS -4 over Carolina Panthers

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John Fox was sacked by the Panthers and is now in Denver. He took the bull by the horns in 2011 and got rid of his media darling quarterback Tim Tebow. Fox replaced him with Peyton Manning. To Broncos fans this is like Ronald Reagan being reborn and joining the Fox ticket. They will all vote for him now.

Ron Rivera is in his second year with the Panthers. His quarterback is struggling and so is the team. Carolina has put a lot of money into Cam Newton and he seemed a better candidate than Mitt Romney. If Newton is not Karl Rove will be stammering to explain Rivera's dismissal


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MIAMI DOLPHINS -6 over Tennessee Titans

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In his first stint as an NFL head coach Joe Philbin is winning over Florida voters. The Dolphins are in second place in the AFC East while playing a rookie quarterback. Like America, Miami is a once powerful franchise that has fallen on hard times. We may not be able to tell how good Philbin is for a couple of years so fans will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Titans owner Bud Adams has already made the decision for his fans. Mike Munchak is on thin ice and there is no debating that.


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BALTIMORE RAVENS -7.5 over Oaklans Raiders


Ravens fans remember what life was like with Brian Billick just as America remembers what it was with George W. Bush. This means that current coach Jim Harbaugh has nothing to worry about.

Does anyone stay long in Oakland? If Jon Gruden couldn't then no one can. Dennis Allen doesn't have to worry about the fans, but if he did those in the Black Hole would already be plotting a strategy on Capitol Hill to replace him.


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Atlanta Falcons -2.5 over NEW ORLEANS SAINTS

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The Falcons are 8-0. This means that Mike Smith would win any election in a landslide.

The Saints head coach, Sean Peyton, was impeached by Commissioner Roger Goodell before the season even started.

Pick: Saints

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Detroit Lions -2.5 over MINNESOTA VIKINGS


Lions coach Jim Schwartz will come after you like Mitt Romney did President Obama in debate number one. Like Romney it doesn't guarantee him victory. But Schwartz is also like the President in that he saved the Lions like Mr. Obama saved the auto industry. This alone would get him reelected.

Leslie Frazier saw his campaign get off to a fast start and is slowly watching it fizzle. The only thing that saves him is that Minnesota is a state which voted for Jesse Ventura as their Governor.

Pick: Lions

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SEATTLE SEAHAWKS -6 over New York Jets


Seahawks coach Pete Carroll can press the flesh with the best of them. He is a charmer too. With Seattle at 5-4, Carroll has built up enough good will to stay in office.

New York coach Rex Ryan has been bashed by everyone including the one time Governor of the Jets Broadway Joe Namath. Despite having gone to one more conference championship game in the last three years than his counterpart in the Big Apple Tom Coughlin, Ryan would be voted out by Jets fans even if they didn't have anyone better to replace him.

Pick: Jets

P.S. I always get Jets games wrong.

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Dallas Cowboys -2 over PHILADELPHIA EAGLES


Like George W. Bush, Dallas head coach Jason Garrett followed his father Jim's footsteps into the NFL. Like W, Garrett rode daddy's coat tails all of the way to an important job with no real credentials. Like Bush brought down America, Garrett is bringing down 'America's Team.' Garrett is lucky that Jerry Jones has the final say on whether he stays or goes.

Andy Reid of the Eagles is like every other sports figure in Philadelphia. He could win the Super Bowl and they still wouldn't reelect him.


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SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS -11.5 over St. Louis Rams


Forty-niners head coach Jim Harbaugh turned things around so quickly last season that no one would even bother to run against him.

The Rams Jeff Fisher has nothing to worry about, because he doesn't manage the St. Louis Cardinals.

Pick: 49ers

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CHICAGO BEARS -1.5 over Houston Texans


Bears coach Lovie Smith's popularity rises and falls like the stock market and unemployment. Right now, his stock is pretty high and only a rigged election would get him ousted.

Gary Kubiak is like a Vice President who waited for the incumbent to finish then took over the job. Right now, Kubiak has made everyone forget who that President was.

Pick: Texans

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PITTSBURGH STEELERS -12.5 over Kansas City Chiefs

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Mike Tomlin believes in no excuses and no explanations which is what someone should tell Congress. Tomlin knows how to handle the press also and doesn't care what they think about how he and the Steelers get it done. Besides, if the Rooney family says that Tomlin is alright then that's good enough for Pittsburgh fans.

The Hunt family thinks that Romeo Crennel is okay too, but Chiefs fans would give him the axe today.

Pick: As a Steelers fan I don't pick their games.

And you shouldn’t' bet on football.