New York Jets: Can't Pay Attention to Polls

By ryanvanhoover



Its fitting on election day that a poll done by the NFL players was released on who they feel is the most overrated head coach. The coach voted most overrated was New York Jets coach Rex Ryan. Why do we as fans really care? Fans have their own opinions. Some opinions are fair and some aren’t. Players do have a voice, but some players probably don’t know a lot about the different coaches. Some probably jusy go by what they read in the newspapers or other social media outlets.

Yes Ryan does get a lot of attention, but does that make him the most overrated head coach because he gets a lot of attention? Of course not. Ryan isn’t a perfect head coach. He does talk his mind, make bold Super Bowl predictions, ect. He is a good coach like him or hate him. He coached the Jets to two straight AFC Championship games in his first two season as head coach. How many coaches can say that? Not many to be exact. The Jets last year missed the playoffs and look like they are going to miss the playoffs again unless the Jets go on a run the second half of the season.

The NFL is a whathave you done for me lately league. You win the Super Bowl one year and then next season your teams misses the playoffs and everybody wants you gone. If the New York Giants caved into 5 years ago they would have fired coach Tom Coughlin because some of his players didn’t like his ways, but they stuck with him and they won 2 Super Bowls in 5 years and will be contending again for another Super Bowl Trophy.

We shouldn’t care about who the players think is overrated or underrated, ect. Some good coaches aren’t well liked andhave a certain way of doing things. They win and even if that coach might rub some people the wrong way you have to respect what they have done. I know going to 2 straight AFC Championship games isn’t wining the Super Bowl, but its better than not making the playoffs at all.

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