NFL Draft 2013: Tyler Eifert Makes Sense for the Chicago Bears

By Dominique Blanton
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

This was supposed to be the year that Kellen Davis takes that step towards being a good starting tight end. Mike Martz wasn’t returning to the Chicago Bears as offensive coordinator, who has used TE’s over the years as just an extra offensive tackle. General manager Phil Emery re-signed Davis to a two-year deal for six million, an indication that Davis will be given a great chance to show he’s the man for the job.

The results this season: 10 catches for 144 yards and two touchdowns. Some TE’s put those stats up in one game. Davis is proving this season that he’s nothing more than a situational player. He’s too stiff coming out of his breaks to be a consistent every-dwon pass catching TE. The one route he excels best at is the seam route, but any route that consist of him turning an angle he’s very poor at.

The Bears have a TE that could possibly be a decent pass catcher for them in Kyle Adams, but they never use him. Adams is the much better route runner of the two and also has a nice pair of hands. Matt Spaeth is more of a blocker than a receiver; if they use him in the receiving game it’s mostly in the red zone.

The position is a glaring need for a team that hasn’t had a good one since Greg Olsen departure.

Ideal Prospect for the Bears: Tyler Eifert Notre Dame

Eifert is an ideal player for just about every team in the league. At 6-6 250 pounds, Eifert is a big athletic pass catcher. For his size, he’s a very good route runner, and has improved at blocking this season for the Irish. He’s the complete TE that the Bears currently don’t have on the roster, and would make Davis expandable if they address the position via draft or free agency after this season.

We don’t know if Emery would pick a TE over more glaring needs like offensive line and middle linebacker. However, if their desired prospect is not there, it wouldn’t surprise me if Emery picks a TE in Eifert who has the potential to be elite at the next level.

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