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NFL Power Rankings: The Top Tight Ends Of All 32 Teams

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NFL Power Rankings: The Top Tight Ends Of All 32 Teams

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The tight end position has been changing the landscape of the NFL over the last couple of seasons, with many teams choosing to exploit the matchup issues the hybrid receivers create. Today’s tight ends are athletic monsters, too big to be covered by most cornerbacks, too quick for a linebacker. Coaches have been taking advantage of this over the last few years, culminating last season in record setting statistics.

The most consistent players in the NFL are often tight ends. Week in and week out, they show up on game day, and put up wide receiver type numbers, despite the fact they are used as offensive lineman and blockers. This type of flexibility has been causing massive headaches for defensive coordinators all across the league, and things are not likely to change any time soon.

Teams like the New England Patriots have been finding ways to game plan their entire offense around their two tight ends with great success. With guys the size and speed of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, the Patriots have been able to spread the depth of their weapons all across the field, making it difficult for defenses to slow down their offensive dominance. They repeatedly prove the importance of the tight end, and have helped to establish the position as a serious, game changing threat.

The following list looks at each team, and ranks their most productive tight end. Some of the names are expected, but the actual rankings are where you will likely be surprised. If you like the list, or you feel that it is all wrong, please feel free to comment below. We here at Rant Sports look forward to healthy sports debates, and would love to hear what you think. So with no further ado, click on the next tab and find out where your favorite team’s player ranks.

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32. Tony Moeaki


32. The fact that Tony Moeaki is the worst on our list is no surprise considering the ineptitude of the Kansas City Chiefs.

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31. Chris Cooley


31. With Fred Davis lost for the season, Chris Cooley has been brought back into the fold. It will take a few more games for him to work his way up this list.

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30. Lance Kendricks

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30. The offense of the St. Louis Rams has been improving, but not enough to earn Lance Kendricks a higher spot on this list.

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29. Dustin Keller


29. It is surprising to see Dustin Keller ranked so low, but this is what 173 yards, and one touchdown, through eight games gets you.

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28. Benjamin Watson

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28. Benjamin Watson is another player that should be higher on the list, but isn’t. It takes more than 182 and a touchdown just won’t do it.

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27. Dallas Clark

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27. Things sure have changed for Dallas Clark. As good as the offense has been for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Clark’s numbers just are not there.

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26. Kellen Davis

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26. Kellen Davis has only gotten into the end zone twice this year, but with defenses focusing on Brandon Marshall, he should get more looks in the second half of the season.

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25. Rob Housler


25. Even with the Arizona Cardinals quarterback issues, Rob Housler has gained 271 yards. Unfortunately, he has not been able to put points on the board.

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24. Zach Miller

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24. Zack Miller has not been a point of focus for the Seattle Seahawks, but he has still gained 241 and has a score to his name.

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23. Marcedes Lewis

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23. Another tight end that just has not lived up to his potential this season, Marcedes Lewis checks in outside of the top 20.

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22. Tom Crabtree

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22. One of the biggest surprises this season has been the disappearance of Jermichael Finley from the Green Bay Packers offense. Tom Crabtree probably does not mind, as he has seen his numbers steadily improve.

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21. Dwayne Allen

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21. Another player benefiting from team injuries, Dwayne Allen has been doing well in the Colts offense, gaining 280 yards and two touchdowns so far.

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20. Dennis Pitta


20. Dennis Pitta started out strong, but has been underwhelming over the last several weeks. Still, Joe Flaco often targets Pitta above all others.

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19. Jared Cook


19. Jared Cook has had decent numbers throughout the season, but his unhappiness in Tennessee may be affecting his production.

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18. Anthony Fasano

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18. Anthony Fasano has come up big for the Miami Dolphins in a couple of games, but he has not quite been the weapon he could be

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17. Brandon Pettigrew

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17. This season has been pretty disappointing for Brandon Pettigrew, but with the Detroit Lions looking as though they are beginning to click, his stock may be on the rise.

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16. Joel Dreessen


16. Joel Dreessen came to the Denver Broncos during the off season, and has over taken Jacob Tamme as Peyton Manning’s favorite tight end.

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15. Greg Olsen


15. The offense in Carolina has been struggling, but Greg Olsen has still managed 395 yards and 1 score.

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14. Antonio Gates

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14. It has been an up and down season for the San Diego Chargers, but when things are going well, Antonio Gates is a constant threat.

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13. Brent Celek


13. Brent Celek had two uncharacteristic fumbles in Week Nine, but he is still one of Michael Vick’s most consistent targets.

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12. Scott Chandler

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12. The Buffalo Bills have been incredibly inconsistent this season, but Scott Chandler has seen the end zone four times already.

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11. Jermaine Gresham


11. With 433 yards and 2 touchdowns, Jermaine Gresham has become a productive part of the Cincinnati Bengals offense.

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10. Martellus Bennett


10. Switching from the Dallas Cowboys to the New York Giants takes a lot of nerve, but for Martellus Bennett, it looks to have been a smart move.

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9. Kyle Rudolph

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

9. The Minnesota Vikings got off to a surprise start, and Kyle Rudolph showed what he was capable of. Christian Ponder has struggled over the last couple of games, affecting Rudolph’s worth, but the duo should be able to get back on track this week.

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8. Brandon Myers

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

8. Brandon Myers is a newer name to this list, but he has been benefiting from having Carson Palmer as his quarterback. With the running attack hampered by injuries, look for Myers to see more action.

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7. Jason Witten


7. Jason Witten is a staple of the tight end power rankings. Last week he became the all time leading receiver in Dallas Cowboys history.

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6. Vernon Davis

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

6. One of the best tight ends of this era, Vernon Davis would be in the top three, but his production over the last four weeks has been less than stellar.

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5. Jimmy Graham

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5. It may be a surprise to see Jimmy Graham outside of the top three, but an ankle injury slowed him down for several weeks. 387 yards and five touchdowns isn’t too shabby, but Graham will have to do more for his team to get back into the top spots.

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4. Tony Gonzalez


4. Tony Gonzalez should just be known as the ageless one from here on out. In what may very well be his last season in the NFL, Gonzalez has racked up 495 yards and 4 touchdowns.

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3. Heath Miller


3. This season has seen the resurgence of Heath Miller as a threat at the tight end position. Last season Miller was used more to protect Ben Roethlisberger than as an offensive threat, and under new offensive coordinator Todd Haley’s scheme, he has been a touchdown machine, scoring 6 already this season.

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2. Owen Daniels

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2. The Houston Texans have one of the most balanced teams in the NFL and Owen Daniels is a big part of their offensive success. With 478 yards, and 5 touchdowns, he is one more person for defenses to keep track of a on a team that is full of weapons.

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1. Rob Gronkowski


1. It is likely no surprise to see the Rob Gronkowski topping this list. There is no other tight end that brings what Gronk does to every single game. His size, speed, agility and soft hands have made him Tom Brady’s favorite target, and he leads all tight ends in both yards (580) and touchdowns (7).