Pete Carroll vs Mark Sanchez

By ryanvanhoover

When the New York Jets play the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday their is one interesting story line heading into the game. Mark Sanchez gets to go up against his former college coach Pete Carroll. You remember 4 years ago when Sanchez decided to forgo his senior season at USC and enter the NFL draft, coach Carroll wasn’t in favor of the move. His thinking was Sanchez needed another year to work on his game and improve his draft stock. Carroll also might have been being self-fish and wanted Sanchez to return to have another run at a national championship. Things worked out for Sanchez as the Jets traded up to him at pick number 5 and he became the starting quarterback. Sanchez helped lead the Jets to two straight AFC Championship games.

However since then Sanchez’s game has been inconsistent and the Jets missed the playoffs last year. It looks like barring a turn around the last 8 games that the Jets will miss the playoffs. There is also growing speculation about the Jets benching Sanchez in favor Tim Tebow. Sanchez is playing the rest of the season for his Jets career and if he doesn’t better the Jets will look to replace him. Maybe Carroll was on to something with Sanchez’s struggles because maybe he knew about his game that needed work. Its a good motivation for Sanchez this to try stick it to his former college coach. It could be a game that gives Sanchez a spark to set the tone for the rest of the season or it could just another game for him and he struggles. It’s a good sub plot for this game none the less.

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