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Quarterback questions will Hang Over The New York Jets Rest of Season

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The New York Jets are off this week and sitting at home with a 3-5 record. They looking at ways they need to improve and get better as a football team. One area the Jets will have to get better at is their play at quarterback, which has been inconsistent with Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has been with the Jets for 4 years now and hasn’t made the type of progress the Jets have been hoping for to take his game to the next level as a franchise quarterback. With the team 3-5, the questions are going to coming especially in New York what to do at quarterback the rest of the season and who should the team get next year?

The Jets set themselves up this season with this question even more when they traded for Tim Tebow because he was another quarterback and everybody would speculate is there a quarterback controversy. To the credit of coach Rex Ryan, he hasn’t the pressure of letting Tebow start get to him because he has been clear that Sanchez is his starting quarterback and he gives team the best chance to win. With the team 3-5, Ryan is going to continue to hear the questions about whether Tebow should start or who is his starting quarterback going to be this week?

The questions are going to get tiring, but unfortunately they won’t be going away and if the Jets don’t get better record wise there will be speculation of who will the Jets get at quarterback in the draft or free agency. This happens to teams who have had a quarterback they drafted and played him for 3-4 years and if the quarterback doesn’t make the progress there is always going to be pressure to bring in someone else especially when you see some of the quarterbacks who have been drafted the last 2 years playing and playing very good. The Jets can’t avoid this if things don’t get better and they have to really have to prepare how to handle this.

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