Washington Redskins Would Be 0-16 Without Robert Griffin III

By Greg Bradshaw

It’s been no secret that the Washington Redskins, one of the NFL’s most storied franchises, has fallen on hard times in recent years. It’s been over twenty years since Washington’s last Super Bowl victory, and the franchise has only reached the playoffs three times since that Super Bowl season after the 1991 season.

The Redskins have not had a franchise quarterback since….well, maybe Sammy Baugh in the 1940s. It has been well documented that Washington sacrificed numerous draft picks to select quarterback Robert Griffin III in the 2012 NFL draft. But the price has been worth it. In addition to his strong arm, speed, and great running ability, Griffin III is also currently the NFL’s fourth rated passer. His eight touchdown passes against three interceptions are proof of his efficiency.

It’s also safe to say that if not for Griffin III, the Redskins would not only be winless as of this writing, but they would be 0-16 for the 2012 season. In Washington’s three wins, the Redskins have averaged 34 points per game. The offensive scheme coordinated by Washington offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan has proven to be effective in terms of driving downfield. Griffin III’s exceptional skills enhance the scheme because he’s a threat to score a touchdown every time he touches the ball.

It can also be argued that the other quarterbacks on the roster, Rex Grossman and rookie Kirk Cousins, could never engineer an offense that prolific. It can be reasoned that Grossman, the Redskins’ starter at quarterback for most of the 2011 season, couldn’t lead the offense to 34 points in a month, let alone average that much in a game. Cousins did show efficiency when called upon to relieve Griffin III Week Five against the Atlanta Falcons. However, it would be asking a lot to expect him to guide the Redskins’ offense to an average of over 30 points per game.

Another factor that needs to be considered is the Washington defense, which has been problematic all season. The defensive unit is giving up almost 28 points per game. That statistic indicates the Redskins will be involved in many offensive shootouts. If the defense somehow allows less than 20 points per game, repetition at quarterback dictates that Griffin III would be better equipped to win those games as well. Based on the evidence presented, Washington Redskins’ fans should be grateful to have Griffin III at quarterback.

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