What Adjustments are the New York Jets Going to Make?

By ryanvanhoover

With the second half of the season about to start for the New York Jets, one has to wonder what will the Jets do differently starting this Sunday? Is coach Rex Ryan planning on playing different players at certain times more to provide a spark to a team that needs one to get the second half of the season off to the right start? Is Ryan and his coaching staff going to do thing differently with schemes on offense or defense? These are all questions fans and the media like to answer when the team comes back from the bye weeks especially when a team has been as inconsistent as the Jets the first 8 games.

One thing is for sure the Jets can’t stay the same on offense. They need to find more creative ways to get more consistency on offense and score points even if that means shaking up the personnel. Does this mean change quarterbacks? No not necessarily. The Jets like to ground and pound and during the first half of the season they weren’t even that. They could use more Wild Cat or may they throw the ball a little more. The offense doesn’t have an identity and that’s a problem for any football team. Sunday will be a start for the offense to see if they do things differently.

The Jets on defense are fine pretty much. Ryan is one of the best defensive minds in the game. He does a good job of mixing up his blitzes and zone coverages from game to game. The special teams hopefully cleaned up some of their problems because is was a problem in the last two games that came back to bite them. It all starts Sunday, it will go along way to see what the Jets will be the second half of the season.

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