What's Up with Joe Namath?

By ryanvanhoover

You know things aren’t good for your team when a legendary player is calling your team out or questioning your play. For the New York Jets, their former Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath has beendoing this for the last couple of years. My question is why? He always takes a shot at the team when he gets the chance. Whether it be him unhappy with the teams performance, how they conduct themselves, or questioning how they are using certain players. Namath has been an icon with the Jets ever since wining Super Bowl III.

He makes his appearences at the games and goes to teams functions or celebrations, but I can’t understand why he always takes a shot at these Jets. Is it because he doesn’t like coach Rex Ryan’s style of being brash making Super Bowl predictions? The irony to that is Namath was that type of player himself. He will always be remembered for making a Super Bowl guarantee saying they would be the Baltimore Colts. That is how he is famoulsy remembered if he never one the Super Bowl who knows how he would be remembered.

Namath might be tired of the predictions by Ryan and the Jets because they haven’t amounted to anything and would like to see the Jets handle themselves. Or maybe Namath has a beef with the Jets some other way and we don’t know, but its ashame that a teams most famous player is always taking shots at the team everytime he gets. He mayberight about things, but its just sad that it seems tobea regular occurence

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