Cleveland Browns: All Quiet On The Northeastern Ohio Front

By Ryan Ruiz
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As we roll in to this weekend, there’s not a whole lot going on for the Cleveland Browns and their fans. Even the Ohio State Buckeyes are on a bye week. For now, it is a time to reflect and focus on your fantasy football team. Lets reflect on some fun moments earlier in the season and pass out some game balls.

In week one against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Browns fought with everything they had on defense. The feisty defense behind an ecstatic home crowd injured Michael Vick‘s ego and jump started Vick’s downward spiral. Cleveland picked Vick off four times and should have had five. Although they lost, the Browns defense showed why they were top ten worthy last year. Game ball to the Browns defense in the opener.

The second week against the Cincinnati Bengals was another heart breaker. The Bengals pulled away at the end and another tick went in the right column. However, Trent Richardson ran with a purpose and ran hard. On 19 carries, Richardson picked up 109 yards. The rookie added four catches and scored two touchdowns. The contest was his first 100 yard effort of his career. Take TRich out of this game and it wouldn’t have been close. A game ball goes to No. 33

During week six against the Super Bowl champion New York Giants, the Browns jumped out to a 14 zip lead. This was the game where we found out that there was really something special about rookie receiver Josh Gordon. He only caught two passes for 82 yards, but both of them were touchdowns. Game ball to Gordon for his coming out party.

For Cleveland, in weeks six and seven Brandon Weeden played very well. Weeden threw for 495 yards and four touchdowns in the two games combined. The Browns lost to the Indianapolis Colts but beat the Bengals in round two. Weeden showed why he was drafted in the first round despite his age. Game ball goes to BW3 for his two performances.

As week nine went on, ole’ reliable Phil Dawson was at it again and continued to plant his place in team history. Against the Baltimore Ravens, Dawson made five field goals and scored all 15 points the Browns put on the board. He is now 8/8 against the division rival Ravens this season. A well deserved game ball to the legend that is Dawson.

After tomorrow, it’s back to work for the Browns. Up next is the multiple personality disorder Dallas Cowboys. Cleveland will travel to the billion dollar stadium in Texas.

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