Miami Dolphins Continue to Lose Relevance in Florida

By Craig Ballard
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Dolphins are struggling on the field to find a running game, to develop their rookie QB, to find consistency with their offensive-line, and they are looking to make improvements on defense. That all speaks to the on-field product, but these days the entire organization is struggling to regain relevance in Miami.

Wondering if the game will be televised or blacked-out is now a weekly issue for ‘Phins phans. This was a fan-base that ate up season tickets to the tune of 60,000 annually, but that has plummeted to around 30,000 this season.

Owner Stephen Ross tried to rejuvenate the franchise by adding several celebrities to the ownership group. That may have had a minor impact, but it was extremely short lived.

The truth is that the Dolphins are asking NFL prices (which are extreme IMO) for a product that has struggled mightily for some time now. In the 2000’s Miami has a grand total of 1 playoff win. Yikes. That win was in 2000 so we see a franchise with zero playoff wins in the last 11 years. Yikes II.

Not only is the team struggling as a whole, but they have been bad in front of the home fans for a while now. Check these #s…In 2002 the ‘Phins were 7-1 at home. This is the 10th season since then and Miami is a combined 33-43 at home during that span. 5-3 is their best season at home in that time. To have 5-3 as your best home record in 10 seasons is phenomenal futility. Only the Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders are in the same boat.

The Dolphins are simply not pleasing/entertaining the home folks, and their attendance is paying the price. Miami was alllll the way down to just 80% of tickets sold last season, and that # surely will get worse in 2012. Only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a worse home attendance than Miami and they have improved to 5-4 so we can expect a boost in their ticket sales going forward. We will watch this closely, but it is a very real possibility that the ‘Phins may have the worst home attendance in 2012. Yikes III.

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