Michael Vick Leaves Game With Injury

By Riley Schmitt

Michael Vick has had trouble staying upright this season. The Philadelphia Eagles offensive line has done him no favors, but Vick has put himself at risk on other plays. On Sunday, it looks like a scramble may have done some damage to Vick as he left the game early.

I saw the play that injured Vick and it looks like it might end up being a concussion.  It seemed like his head bounced off the ground and he ended up getting rolled over.  Not a good sign for the Eagles or their fans.  Vick might be struggling but you can not expect the offense to work without any blocking.  Vick is basically running for his life half of the time.

This means the Nick Foles era gets an early start.  There is no word about the injury yet, so Vick could end up returning later in the game.  However, a lot of fans are ready to see what Foles can do.  If he impresses the team, I think the calls to bench Vick will start to increase.  You simply can not make that much money and underperform.

We will keep you updated on this injury as more information comes out.  The Eagles still have a chance to make the playoffs but they might need a healthy Vick to accomplish that.  At this rate, Vick is not going to survive the season after a game like this.


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