New York Giants Reach New Low; Fans Have Every Right to Be Upset

By Jeff Shull

Just when you thought the New York Giants would bounce back from their terrible showing against the Pittsburgh Steelers, they lay an egg in one of the worst games I’ve ever seen under Tom Coughlin. Embarrassing doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling I have right now. If you pictured the worst performance in the world by this team (and kept it somewhat realistic), the Giants did worse than that. It was a failure by all parties involved, and Giants fans have every right to be upset about what they witnessed.

The defense got torched early, and just when you thought they were tightening up, allowing just three points in the second quarter and giving Giants fans hope, the offense turns the ball over on three straight possessions in the third quarter that lead to 14 more points.

Look, I give the Cincinnati Bengals props for a good performance, but it’s not like they are a good team. They were 3-5 and had lost four in a row. That stretch included losses to the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns. The Giants were favored by 4.5 on the road for a reason, but failed to show up in any way, shape or form.

As bad as the defense and special teams have been, they don’t even hold a candle to the failures of the offense. Truthfully, the defense wasn’t as terrible as the other two units. They only allowed one long touchdown drive. The other three were a result of the turnovers plus a long punt return by Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones. But the offense is playing like the Jacksonville Jaguars right now, and it’s not even something that I can explain.

Honestly I wish I had an explanation for it. There is none. Eli Manning hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass in three straight games and has just one in the last four. That one came on a busted coverage against one of the worst pass defenses in the league with 1:30 to go in the game. It’s been all kinds of awful. Kevin Gilbride is not calling good games, Manning is playing like a rookie again, and the offensive line has been terrible since David Diehl returned to the starting lineup.

Diehl has given up six sacks this year. His backup, Sean Locklear, gave up none while filling in. The Giants ran the ball much better with Locklear as well. Even if it’s not all Diehl’s fault, clearly he’s not the better option of the two.

If for some reason you were unable to watch the game today, be thankful. It ranks up there in as one of the worst games for the Giants in the Coughlin era.

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