Oakland Raiders cut starter Pat Lee, activate Ron Bartell

By Jeremy Hayes
Defense Oakland
Denny Medley- US Presswire


The Oakland Raiders have had a few interesting roster moves today that have a chance to really make an impact on the team as a whole.

The Raiders have activated corner back Ron Bartell from the injured reserve. He injured his shoulder in Week 1 of the NFL season, and has been on the injured reserve list ever since. Bartell is expected to come in as the starting corner for the Raiders. They have also signed practice squad running back Jeremy Stewart to the 53-man roster, due to the injuries of running backs Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson.

Now here is where it gets interesting, in order to make room on the roster, the Raiders waived starting corner back Pat Lee. They also placed corner back Shawntae Spencer on the injured-reserve, which means he is done for the season.

This was an interesting decision by the Raiders to cut their starting corner, although he may have been a starter because of the injured Bartell, he is not just expendable for the team. If the secondary is so thin, why cut one of your more valuable players on the depth chart?

Say Michael Huff does stay at corner back, the Raiders could of had a corner back depth chart like: Bartell, Huff, Joselio Hanson, Pat Lee, and Phillip Adams.

That roster would have been fine, one could argue that the Lee cut was to activate Stewart at running back, but you don’t just cut your starting corner back of the first half of your season, just for a practice squad player. They could have started from the bottom of the depth chart at corner backs. Lee has had some rough moments, but he has still improved each week as a starter.

Decisions like this prove why the Raiders’ front office is one of the worst in the league, there better be a good reason off the field with Lee or contract reasons for cutting him. Teams that want to win don’t cut their starters, they build around them, and get more and more depth.

The Raiders are acting as if they have a great team and can afford the loss.


The Raiders are not anywhere close to being a good team, but building on the good will help, not replacing a starter for a starter.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Lee, and if Bartell can stay healthy without any shoulder problems, because if he gets hurt, the Raiders just cut a player who has started seven games for them.


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