Oakland Raiders have allowed 97 points in two games

By Jeremy Hayes
Ravens Touchdown
Mitch Stringer- US Presswire

The Oakland Raiders have 97 problems, and points allowed are all of the 97 problems.

After today’s 55-20 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the Raiders have now allowed 97 points in just two games. The Raiders lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week 42-32. Although their offense is doing well in the passing game, Carson Palmer’s contribution basically means nothing for the Raiders when they are giving up way too many points. The total in the past two games for the Raiders’ offense is 52, but stands no chance to the 97 points allowed, putting them nowhere close to a win.

The Raiders (3-6) are falling further and further as their injury list continues to get longer. Already without their starting running back Darren McFadden, reception leader Brandon Myers left the game concussed, as well as safety Matt Giordano.

Ignoring the yards, first downs, and plays the Raiders have given up, the number of the day is 97 for them.

They could have given those up on offense or defense, but the blame goes to everyone, the team as a whole. The defense surrendered six touchdowns (one was a kick return by Jacoby Jones), but one was off a fake field goal and another on a muffed punt that kept the Ravens drive alive.

The blame goes way beyond the Raiders’ defense, specifically their secondary. No one is mentioning the fact that the Raiders let go of their starter Pat Lee, where they could have cut a player further on the depth chart on the secondary list. They are banged up everywhere, and they feel that their best move is to cut the corner that has been starting each game? Just move him down the lineup and cut a younger player.

Reporters everywhere are saying that the Raiders should not be compared to teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans because of all their injuries.

Guess what? Every team has injuries, that is the importance of managing a football team properly, and not just having starters that are “great” like McFadden, with no legit back up running backs. The Raiders are the type of team that don’t think ahead of an injury before it happens, Mike Goodson (also injured) on the roster does not mean they are “deep at running back.” They had a chance to make moves at the trade deadline, but they felt that the two game winning streak they were on apparently meant something, like they could contend with the best.

Beating teams at the bottom of the NFL mean nothing if a team settles and says “we can beat the Jaguars, so let’s keep everything the same.” Of course it is too late to do anything too extreme now, but the Raiders had a chance and they blew it.

Now they are banged up and giving up way too many points to compete with a team like the New Orleans Saints next Sunday.

Something needs to be done, and don’t be surprised if you don’t hear any big changes from the Raider system, because apparently, they are too good to adjust like other teams in the NFL.

Today’s game tied for most points allowed in Raider’s history.

If the Raiders don’t do something fast, they will not win another game.


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