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Top 4 Storylines for NFL Week 10

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Top 4 Storylines for NFL Week 10

Howard Smith - US PRESSWIRE

Week 10 enters a pivotal time in the National Football League, where many teams face make or break situations in their seasons. While some teams continue to jockey for playoff position, others hold on for dear life, trying to keep their playoff hopes alive for one more week.

Every game has some sort of impact on playoff structure, but some hold much more interesting storylines than others. Let's face it, we want to see good teams play good football.

Luckily, there's plenty of good football to watch this week.

Our list of story lines include a Super Bowl champion quarterback trying to get his groove back, another one trying to defy the odds to bring his team back from the depths, two teams trying to pass their first real tests of the season, and a pair of coaches simply trying to get out of the way of their talented teams before their owners remove them for good.

With only 16 games in a season, every NFL week is important, but for these teams, players and games, week 10 means just a little bit more.

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4 - Can Eli Manning Right the Ship?

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If it feels like the New York Giants do this every year, well, it's because they kind of do. They get off to a hot start, struggle in the middle of the season, they get it back on track and make the playoffs. So far the script seems to be on schedule with last season, which led to a Super Bowl victory, but nothing is given to anyone in the NFL.

The only difference is that, in past years, Eli Manning has continued to play well even as his team has struggled. The past two weeks this season, however, Manning has struggled. He was especially non-existent last week.

Manning has accomplished enough in his career that no one is too worried, but you can't struggle for too many weeks in a row in the NFL and still be able to overcome it. The Giants need to right the ship this week.

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3 - Can Drew Brees Pull Off an Impossible Comeback?

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When we think about comebacks in the NFL, we think of them coming in the second half of individial games. Drew Brees is attempting to pull off a comback that spans the second half of a season.

With all of the turmoil surrounding the New Orleans Saints this season, it's amazing that we can even discuss them as a playoff team, but they're playing better, and as long as Drew Brees is under center, you can't count them out.

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2 - Biggest Test for Houston Texans and Chicago Bears


Any time two 7-1 teams match up in the NFL it makes for an exciting games, but with the Houston Texans and Chicago Bears, we also get to finally see what these teams are made of.

For both teams, this game will represent the toughest test of the season to this point. Both have put together strong records, but neither has really been tested thus far. That will change Sunday night.

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1 - Which Coach Will Screw Things Up?

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Watching Andy Reid and Jason Garrett coach a football game is like watching a three-hour long car accident in slow motion. Both have their teams sitting at a disppointing 3-5 and both a win today to save their jobs. Both are coaching teams with more talent than their records would suggest, and both seem to find new ways to lose each week.

This week's matchup could save one coach's job and cost the other one his.