Ahmad Bradshaw and New York Giants Need to Get on Same Page

By Christopher Gamble



Ahmad Bradshaw didn’t have a good game for the New York Giants against the Cincinnati Bengals this past Sunday, joining a long list of Giants players.  The Giants fell behind early and the running game was limited with Bradshaw getting only 10 carries.  Andre Brown, who replaced Bradshaw late in the third quarter, had seven carries.  However, Bradshaw lashed out at the coaching staff and play calling in response.

When he was asked if he thought the coaching staff was limiting his reps on the field to keep his foot healthy Bradshaw said, “Yeah, I think so. Holding me back isn’t going to help. I got a bone bruise, rest isn’t going to help no bone.”

Bradshaw hasn’t been a happy camper much this year.  Everyone remembers the public yelling match he and Tom Coughlin got into in a game against the Washington Redskins.  It was later revealed that the spat was over play calling and Bradshaw’s participation in the offense.

Right now, Bradshaw is hardly seen on the practice field.  He usually gets in one limited practice per week as the Giants try to keep him healthy for game time.  However, Bradshaw can’t have it both ways, at least in my opinion.  If he isn’t healthy enough for full practices, why should the Giants assume he is healthy enough for full reps in a game?

Coughlin has said that Bradshaw, along with most Giants, will take physicals and undergo medical tests during the bye week to ensure everyone is healthy and ready to go.  However, Coughlin also said the MRIs and x-rays Bradshaw is scheduled for are not for his surgically repaired feet.

Earlier this season Bradshaw missed some time due to a neck injury that was kept pretty quiet at the time.  Perhaps that is the focus of the tests for Bradshaw.

Bradshaw and the Giants need to get on the same page in regards to his health and his playing time.  They don’t need this distraction right now.  If Bradshaw is healthy then the Giants will use him moving forward.  If he isn’t, then Bradshaw needs to stay quiet and understand that the Giants are looking out for the best interests of him and the team.  They have a little under two weeks to sort this out.

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