An Open Letter to Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell

Dear Commissioner Roger Goodell,

You’re a dirty hypocrite. So let’s stop with this whole charade about player safety. For a guy that postures on something like Bounty Gate, you sure don’t make the rules or those that enforce these empowered to actually do something to protect the league’s most valuable resource; its players.

To start this season, you brought in a talentless collection of clowns to officiate the fastest form of football. Considering these guys couldn’t officiate fraternity flag football games, it was a real insult to the people that actually understand and appreciate football. It took for you to be thoroughly embarrassed on national television to get a deal completed. Then you send out some ridiculous email apologizing to fans. Come on Roger, we’d still be watching replacement officials if the Seahawks and Packers game didn’t happen.

In last night’s Bears and Texans game, a defenseless Jay Cutler was run over by Texans linebacker Tim Dobbins in a blatant attempt to injure Cutler. Dobbins was flagged 15 yards. Instead of there actually being a consequence, the penalty was offset by Cutler being over-the-line on a throw. So the logic in this is what? I can take a blatant cheap-shot at a quarterback and have little-to-no consequence for it?

The NHL penalizes a team, ejects the player and suspends the individual for blatant cheap shots. The NFL gives 15-yard penalties and fines. It’s easier to run for president than get kicked out of an NFL game.

Why not actually punish guys for these actions? Institute mandatory suspensions for illegal hits and you’ll see these begin to go away. Give your officials the power to eject players and see how much cleaner the game becomes. You say something, mean it sir. Because as of now, I don’t believe a word you say.




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