Buffalo Bills Running Back Fred Jackson Will Not Play Thursday

By Scott DelleFave
Jackson, Fred 2

People who want Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller to get more touches, this will be your week.  It was just announced that Fred Jackson will not play in the Thursday night game versus the Miami Dolphins due to receiving a concussion. This will make the prime time game interesting, to say the least.

Jackson was hurt with 59 seconds to go in the fourth quarter in yesterday’s game versus the New England Patriots and likely could have won the game if he was in. He is a dual threat running and catching the ball, but instead the Bills lost 37-31.

This season for Jackson has been marred with injuries including a sprained Lateral Collateral Ligament in Week One. I can only hope it’s not a serious injury and he can bounce back sooner than later. With Jackson out, I have a feeling Spiller will do what he did to the Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns in Week Two and the first quarter of Three respectably. That was just a bust loose in the ground in the air. This is just my take, but what do you all think? Let me know!

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