Chicago Bears: Kellen Davis Is Who We Thought He Was

By alibud69

The Chicago Bears went down to the Houston Texans at Soldier Field on Sunday night and whilst there were numerous reasons for the loss, be it the continued poor play calling of Mike Tice which I highlighted last week in an open letter to the Offensive Coordinator (here), or the turnovers, drops and general knuckleheaded play exhibited by numerous Bears’ players, the simple fact is that Tight End Kellen Davis simply isn’t good enough and never will be at this level.

Davis had a poor night from start to finish, his night started as it meant to go on with a 9-yard catch and subsequent fumble, as he showcased a dazzling inability to secure the ball. I wish this were an article bemoaning just a one off down game but it isn’t, Davis has pulled this nonsense all season.

Later in the game Davis also had two drive killing drops; I think personally he also ran the incorrect route on the Jay Cutler pick thrown his way, not to excuse Cutler’s poor throw on the play.

The simple fact of the matter is this, Davis is one of the worst pass blocking TE in the league, and he has hands made of concrete, and at the best of times looks cumbersome.

When he has the ball he is a wrecking ball, but the catching part and the poor route running stifle this ability completely.

What really aggravates me about Davis is that he seems immune to being dropped; we have no idea what the Bears have in Evan Rodriguez as a catching TE because Tice refuses to drop Davis or Matt Spaeth for that matter, from the starting rotation.

Another example; Davis last night never looked like he had his head in the game yet Tice continued to call plays dialling him up as the receiver. Michael Bush on the other hand fumbled the ball and didn’t touch it again until the fourth quarter.

I have had enough of Davis and his mediocrity (this is a kind evaluation of his skills), if the Bears are to keep him on for the 2013 season then Davis needs to take a significant pay cut and only be used as a redzone option, because as I have been saying about this guy for a while, he is never going to take the “next step” because he suffers from a serious lack of talent.

Davis wasn’t the only one who had a bad game last night, but he really is a guy I hope to never see in a Bears jersey again after the 2012 NFL season.

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