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Chicago Bears: Reaction to Last Night’s Loss

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Chicago Bears: My Post-Game Reaction

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In a defensive struggle, the Chicago Bears suffered their second loss of the season to the Houston Texans.

Bears offensive short comings finally catch up with them: It was all good just a week ago for the Bears offense. You knew one of these days the Bears would have to rely on the offense to win them a game. It was a slim chance of that happening when Jay Cutler was knocked out the game with a concussion. The Bears offense pretty much went downhill on the first turnover, when Kellen Davis to no surprise put the ball on the ground.

The Texans only needed 13 points to beat the Bears, who were presented with good field position throughout the game, but the offense couldn't capitalize.

Defense prove to be a championship caliber one: The Texans came into the game averaging close to 30 points per game, and the Bears held them to 13 points and 215 total yards. Yes they gave up 102 yards rushing yards to Arian Foster, but it was a hard 102 yards hence the 3.5 yard per attempt. They also were able to pressure Matt Schaub for most of the night and get two turnovers off the veteran that’s usually careful with the football.

It was good performance from the defense against a high powered offense like the Texans.

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Offensive Grade: D-

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Offensive Line did a pretty good job pass blocking, but struggle mightily to open up holes for running backs Matt Forte and Michael Bush. Jay Cutler had his annual bad Sunday Night Football performance, throwing two picks (I give him the benefit of the doubt on the 2nd interception) and was just simply inaccurate with the football before the concussion.

With Cutler being knocked out the rest of the game, Jason Campbell came in and look like what a QB would look like when he doesn’t take much reps throughout the week. Brandon Marshall and pass protection was the lone bright spots on offense.

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Defensive Grade: B+


The 100 yard rushing performance by Arian Foster and some key miss tackles is what drops this grade from an A to a B+. Other than that, I felt the defense kept the Bears in the game against a talented Texans offense. Charles Tillman held Andre Johnson to four catches for 35 yards, and Tim Jennings picked off two of Matt Schaub’s passes. The Bears only got one sack, but they put pressure on Schaub for most of night.

The defense pretty much proved that it is legit, and is a championship caliber one. Wish we can say the same on the offensive side of the ball.

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Offensive Game Ball: Who We Kidding Here

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The whole offense was completely pathetic to the point that I don’t want to give the game ball to anyone. If the Bears don’t reach the Super Bowl this year, it’s simply because of the offense and its lack of help outside Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, and Brandon Marshall.

Earl Bennett is stuck in the matrix, Devin Hester is proving each week that he’s not a WR, Kellen Davis is pathetic, and Mike Tice is giving Lovie Smith a very good reason to elevate Jeremy Bates from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator. Right now this is not a Super Bowl offense.

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Defensive Game Ball: Tim Jennings

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Tim Jennings gets the slight edge over Brian Urlacher for my defensive game ball. Jennings first interception displayed a cornerback that has turned into an instinctive ball-hawk. He read the QB eyes, got inside position, broke on the football, and made a play. His second interception was simply a gift from Matt Schaub, but it gave him eight interceptions for the season.

It’s safe to say that Jennings will reach his first Pro Bowl this year and also be named to his first All-Pro Team.

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Overall Analysis

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The Bears Defense did its part in containing the Texans offense, but the offense figuratively and literally gave it away. What you can take out of this game is that the defense is a championship caliber one, but what will hold them back from reaching the Super Bowl is an offense that’s starting to become a liability each week.

If Mike Tice continues to struggle, it wouldn’t shock me if Lovie Smith take away his play calling duties and give them to quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates. It doesn’t get easier for them next week, when they travel to San Francisco and face another top defense.