Cleveland Browns: Mike Holmgren Rumors Heat Up With Dallas Ahead

By Ryan Ruiz
David Richard-US Presswire

As if it wasn’t bad enough being 2-7 after nine games, swirling rumors continue to fill the Berea air with Mike Holmgren heading to the Dallas Cowboys for the soon to be vacant head coaching position. Is it just coincidence that the Cleveland Browns take on the Cowboys this weekend and Holmgren will be on the flight to Dallas? For not attending the other away games, that’s a long way to go to shake hands with his buddy Jerry Jones.

Sources close to Holmgren say that there would be some interest in coming back to coaching if the head coaching position opened in Dallas. This was reported by NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora. Speaking to the media at Browns Headquarters in Berea, OH, Holmgren was quick to deny and had no clue where this came from. “And I was told this morning there was some stuff in the papers about Dallas, and I just wanted to make something very, very clear. One, the last time I talked to anybody about my future was when I talked to you guys in this room. I haven’t talked to a single soul.” said Holmgren.

Whether he did or did not speak to anyone is completely irrelevant. What is relevant is the poor record and effort Holmgren has put together in his three years in Cleveland. The on and off disappearing act in Cleveland is what should matter. The once great Super Bowl winning head coach has fully bombed in front office duties. If Holmgren does come back to coaching, it would be the ultimate back stab to the Browns. If he really wanted to coach, then why didn’t he take over the reigns in Cleveland with the multiple opportunities he had?

Jimmy Haslam would be smart to cut ties before any more rumors fly. And, Holmgren should count his many millions of blessings for the money he took from the Browns’ organization. As a Browns fan, if you feel you have not contributed a penny to Holmgren’s bank account, you are sorely mistaken. If “The Big Walrus” still wants any shot at going to Canton, the smart thing to do would keep his mouth shut, stay out of the NFL, and let bygones be bygones.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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