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Dallas Cowboys Rookie Cornerback Morris Claiborne Apologizes To Team For Poor Play

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

If you needed anymore evidence the Dallas Cowboys picked the right guy in Morris Claiborne last April, yesterday should be another example of the type of player and person they drafted.

Claiborne, after a terrible performance in which he was beaten for a touchdown and penalized five times, stood up in front of his teammates after the game against the Philadelphia Eagles and apologized for his play.

According to Dallas News writer Rick “Goose” Gosselin,  Claiborne asked for permission to speak to his teammates and when he spoke, he told them would learn from his mistakes. “I won’t have another game like that,” Claiborne promised his teammates.

Not only did the rookie corner apologize, he also accepted responsibility for his poor performance by saying, “I can’t accept this as me being a young corner,” Claiborne said. “I’m out there with all these veterans — they expect me to play. All that rookie stuff is overblown. It’s not about learning. I’ve got to go out and play. If we want to be the best secondary in this league, I can’t go out and play like that.”

Cowboys fans have been waiting for their team to accept more responsibility for their mistakes and here is Claiborne standing in front of his teammates accepting blame. The fact that he’s a rookie makes it even more impressive.

I’ve written on many occasions that Jason Garrett and the Cowboys scouts have been drafting a higher caliber of football player over the past few years and Claiborne’s actions provide even more evidence the Cowboys are drafting the right kind of guys. There’s been talk about the Cowboys needing more leaders and Claiborne, even though he’s a rookie, is going to be a leader on this Cowboys team for a long time.

Claiborne will learn from this game against the Eagles and he’ll be a better player for it down the road. As for the Dallas Cowboys organization, it appears they are on the right track and drafting quality people, as well as quality players. Just know that when Jason Garrett talks about the “right kind of players,” Claiborne is exactly what he means.

The Cowboys have been looking for leaders and Claiborne has proven to be just that.

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