Indianapolis Colts: No Reason Team Shouldn’t Be Super Bowl Contenders This Season

By Eric Smith

The Indianapolis Colts are the biggest surprise of the 2012 NFL season. Nearly all of the experts picked them to finish at the bottom of the league this year and didn’t think they would win more than three to four games. After nine games, the Colts have not only exceeded those expectations, but put themselves in the hunt for not just a playoff spot, but a Super Bowl berth.

The Colts moved to 6-3 with a 27-10 victory over division rival Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday night and put themselves in a good spot for a playoff berth. They currently lead the wildcard standings and have a favorable schedule the rest of the way to control their own destiny.

If the Colts can keep this level of play up and continue to improve, there’s no reason to say they can’t be a Super Bowl contender. Why not?

This team is going to be a tough out for anyone. They play hard, get better each week and are tough to stop. The offense ranks fourth best in the entire league, while both the passing game and rushing attack rank in the top half. Andrew Luck has led the offense to the eighth best passing efficiency and 15th best ground game. That balanced attack is making the Colts tough to stop, as it keeps teams guessing.

You can see this offense growing up literally before our eyes every week as they keep getting better and better. The play book is opening up more and more and teams are having a difficult time adjusting to that. Mix that with the improved defensive play and the Colts look like a real contender.

Only time will tell whether the Colts are going to be a factor if they even make the playoffs, but if they continue playing and improving the way they are then why couldn’t they get to New Orleans in February? The can run the ball on offense and finally stop the run on defense. That’s the two biggest factors on winning in January. That Luck kid is another good option to have in the back pocket in the playoffs to help win as well.

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