Jake Locker Continues Extensive Job Interview

By Devin O'Barr
Robert Mayer/ US PRESSWIRE

Since being drafted eighth overall by the  Tennessee Titans in the 2011 NFL draft, Jake Locker has played in a total of ten NFL games. A shoulder injury kept Locker out of commission for six weeks prior to Sundays 37-3 road victory over the Miami Dolphins.  Locker’s numbers have been on a small sample size due to injury, however Locker has a chance in these last 6 games of 2012 to make his case as the quarterback of the Titans for years to come.

Locker is a hybrid of a quarterback. While he is not particularly gifted in one specific aspect of the position, he appears to do everything just good enough. For instance, in ten games Locker has thrown for an impressive ten touchdowns compared to two interceptions. Featuring a 57% completion rate in his career, Locker’s accuracy was not quite there on Sunday. Atrributing it to some rust, Locker was a mere 9-21 but did throw for two touchdowns.

Tennessee drafted Locker with the hopes that he could excel with his legs as well as his arm. Throughout his short career he has rushed for 156 yards and has one rushing touchdown, in addition Locker has shown he has the ability to escape the pocket and buy time for his offense.

Being an eighth overall pick, Locker has been given the opportunity and the support from the Titans to be a franchise quarterback. It will be interesting moving forward to see if Locker is the real deal underneath center.

Personally, its hard not to enjoy Locker’s style of play. A gritty quarterback, willing to stretch for extra yard (perhaps to a default) is always entertaining to watch. While a career 3-7 record is nothing to boast about, a win on Sunday could do wonders for Locker in his trials the rest of this 2012 season and further on.

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