NFL Rumors: Philadelphia Eagles to "Rest" Michael Vick for Remainder of Season

By Carl Conrad
Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

Leave it up to the Philadelphia Eagles to keep themselves at the center of controversy, rumors and conjecture. The latest reports out of Philly are that Head Coach Andy Reid is planning to “rest” quarterback Michael Vick for the remainder of the season. Having played 9 games thus far, that is 7 weeks of rest. He must be incredibly tired, or that concussion he suffered Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys was a doozy. The reports suggests that Vick will be rested (see: benched) for the remainder of the season regardless of health, in favor of rookie signal-caller Nick Foles.

It really never ends in Philadelphia, does it? For a coach that has been notoriously loyal to his guys, Reid recently fired offensive-line-coach-turned-defensive-coordinator Juan Castillo who had been with the organization for over a decade, and now this. Everyone knows that Vick is Reid’s guy. He gave him a chance with few others would have, and is the main reason Vick signed a $100 million contract with the Eagles.

The two aforementioned decisions show just how high the flames are beneath Reid’s hot seat. It seems as if Reid was paving the way for this decision today during his press conference, repeatedly referring to Vick’s concussion as significant. Now, he can use the fact that he is following protocols and looking out for Vick’s health as the reason for making the move to Foles. He’s the head coach, if he wants to bench the starting quarterback for someone he thinks is a better option, he should just say so.

Andy Reid may very well be an evil genius. By benching…I’m sorry, I mean resting…Vick now, he can use the development of Foles as a way to save his job. Going with Foles allows “Big Red” to show management that he is working on transitioning the organization to the future. That may just be enough to save his hide, despite owner Jeffrey Lurie’s proclamation earlier that an 8-8 record isn’t going to be good enough. Hey, what did you expect, they spent the last half of the season breaking in a new QB.

One thing that I do know is that if Reid does manage to stick around after this year, his coaching staff might want to start packing. Reid has shown over the last few weeks that he is willing to make changes if he thinks it is the right move for the team or a way to save himself. And, none of the three phases (offense, defense and special teams) have played particularly well this year.


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