NFL Swings And Misses With Ties

By Ben Grimaldi

You know what I like to say about ties? No, it has nothing to with smooching anyone’s sister, especially my own. Here’s what I think about ties, they’re dumb. Unless even. What’s the point of even playing if no team gets to win? Ask the players or fans invested and they’ll tell you how empty the feeling is.

Just ask San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, “It feels like we didn’t even play, mentally not physically.”

Actually, if you asked a few of the other players involved, they didn’t even realize an NFL game could end in a tie. Niners safety Dashon Goldson said he’s never heard of a tie, adding, “Where’s everybody going? Did somebody quit? Forfeit?”

If you’re saying to yourself, how could a player not know there were ties? Well it wasn’t just Goldson who didn’t know the rules regarding ties, neither did St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola, who told Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, “I thought we were going to keep playing.”

The reaction of Goldson and Amendola brings back memories of Donovan McNabb, who, after the last tie in 2008, said he didn’t know a game could end in a tie either.

It seems ridiculous that players don’t know about the rules for ties but the bigger issue is that games actually can end in a tie! The NFL is the best professional sports league  in the business and the fact that games can end with neither team winning is a joke. Fans want someone to win, players want to play until someone wins and I want someone to win because that extra column at the end of a team’s win-loss record just looks sloppy.

The whole point of the game is to get a winner, it’s what everyone wants to see at the end of a game, especially in a sport as grueling as football. Games ending in ties leave everyone involved empty. Fans are so invested in their teams that they’re emotionally empty and players are emtionally and physically drained, so who does a tie benefit? No one, not even Vegas! It just aggravates us.

The NFL needs to stop allowing games to end in ties, it’s just sad and unfulfilling. The NFL has been making their sport more fan friendly and if they want to continue that trend, they should make sure it never happens again.

As Mike Singletary once said, “I want winners!”


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