The NFL Must End Games That Finish With Ties

By Andy Schmidt

It was a very long afternoon and evening for fans of the San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams, watching 75 minutes of football without even getting a winner as the two teams tied at 24 with two missed field goals in overtime. I think the time has come that the NFL just like every other major sport but soccer, finishes the game with a winner. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how much primetime TV gets pushed back. I’m sure many fans of Fox’s Sunday night shows weren’t pleased waiting for The Simpsons or Family Guy but that game had to finish.

Every NFL fan out there remembers the double overtime playoff game with the Rams and Carolina Panthers in 2004 or even the double overtime playoff game on Christmas Day 1971 when the Miami Dolphins beat the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, I understand that this is a regular season game but do we really want to sit there for nearly four hours and not get a winner?  I get that drama wouldn’t be as high as a playoff game for a second overtime in the regular season but the fans deserve better. Who knows how long that game would have taken? The way the two teams were playing late in overtime, it may have been late in the second overtime before the game ended.

The time has come for the NFL to be like baseball’s extra innings or basketball’s overtimes and just keep on playing until the game is over. I want an exciting game that goes deep into the night waiting for those winning points to be scored.

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