Three Takeaways From The New York Giants' Latest November Defeat

By jason evans

There are many ways to describe the New York Giants defeat yesterday to the Cincinnati Bengals. None of them are exactly the most positive words in the English language. Abhorrent, pathetic, lousy and ugly come to mind. It could be worse though. They could have played like the team they share their stadium with. Here are some takeaways from the loss.

You’re Not Derek Jeter: Derek Jeter, after he hit his famous walk-off home run in the 2001 World Series was called Mr. November. Eli Manning is not Mr. November. His November struggles continue on with that performance yesterday. He hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass in his last three games. This is not the Eli Manning that has won Super Bowls. Is it possible he has a tired arm or even an injured one even though he denies it? Absolutely. I think the bye week is coming in at the perfect time for Eli to give his arm a rest and I think in two weeks he will be more like his former self.

Take A Vacation: I think the bye is coming at a perfect time for this team. Whether it’s Eli’s arm, Ahmad Bradshaw’s new injury that he had x-rays on after the game or everyone else who has various bumps and bruises, this team needs a week off to recharge it’s batteries and get ready for a stretch run that will not be easy.

No Circle Of Protection: If Eli Manning is on his back quite a bit, he can’t throw, and I think that him hanging onto the ball so long at other times is because he is rattled right now. He was hit eight times in yesterday’s game and has been sacked six times in the past two games after only being sacked six times in the first eight games of the season. The line needs to be fixed during the bye.

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