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5 Reasons to Hate the Arizona Cardinals this season

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It's hard to like the Arizona Cardinals right now


Hate is a strong word, but I bet fans have hated the Arizona Cardinals this year for one reason or another. This team started the season 4-0. How can you not be a little frustrated with the Cardinals? All the "smack" you talked with your friends who are fans of other teams. This team is making you look stupid right now. Can they even win another game?

Of course, don't be so quick to give up on this team. You can be frustrated and angry all you want. It's part of being a fan. You can be mad at John Skelton for his failure to win a game this season. You can be mad at Coach Ken Whisenhunt because you believe he has refused to make adjustments, but remember you're just a fan. That frustration can turn around a lot faster than the Cardinals' season. That just might not happen. Injuries have crippled this team and nobody is afraid to play them.

Whisenhunt may not have all the answers right now, but he has done a good job at keeping a level head. He may be on the hot seat, but I would not count him out until the season is over.

Fans have watched their favorite players fail week after week. Whether it's WR Early Doucet dropping a pass, or any member of this underachieving offensive unit making a mistake. It can be hard to watch, but you just can't turn away. Be a fan, continue to support your team. You can still support people you hate.

You're frustrated and you're tired of it. If you're not, here are five reason to hate the 2012 Cardinals, enjoy.

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5. WR Early Doucet

Droppin Balls

The Cardinals have had their share of disappointments this season. WR Early Doucet has the skills to be good in this league, but he has just not performed this season. This has opened the door for rookie Michael Floyd to get more playing time. Doucet has dropped way too many passes in crucial situations that could have changed things for the Cardinals this season. His failure to perform has fans upset because of the high expectations he set after a solid performance last year. His playing time will be reduced and he may not get another chance to show fans that he is a good receiver.

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4. LT D'Anthony Batiste


The Cardinals offensive line is giving up sacks like it is their job this season. LT D'Anthony Batiste is not the worst tackle in the league, but he was close before getting replaced by rookie Nate Potter. The Cardinals offensive line has given up 41 sacks this season. That is good enough for worst in the league by about 11. If you think it's all Batiste's fault you are wrong, but he is definitely the biggest disappointment on a unit full of disappointments. His replacement, potter, should help this team get better moving forward, but it is hard not to expect some growing pains from a young player.

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3. QB John Skelton


Well, it's hard to be a fan of QB John Skelton right now. He has failed to get a win for this team this season. Yes, he does get credit for the win over the Seattle Seahawks in week one, but Kevin Kolb is the one who got the Cardinals back on track and then proceeded to get the next three victories before getting injured and having Skelton lose the game with a late interception. Skelton just has bad timing. He is a better passer than Kolb, his numbers show it, but he just does not know how to win football games right now. He may get another chance, but the fact is time is already running out for the third year quarterback. It's too bad because he could have been good with an offensive line that knew how to block.

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2. Coach Ken Whisenhunt

no fire

Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt may already be the best coach in Cardinals history, but he can be frustrating at times. His decision to go with Skelton to start the season has come under scrutiny. He saw something in the quarterback that Skelton just did not see in himself. If he is smart, and I know he is, Kolb will get his job back when he is healthy and Whisenhunt will give him the job heading into next season, or trade him away. Kolb is good enough to win football games. Whisenhunt now knows it. If Kolb is in that locker room next season and he is not the starter it will be a mistake, but who knows maybe Skelton throws for 400 yards and 5 TDs in a win over the Atlanta Falcons or, you know, hell freezes over. They both have about the same chances of occurring.

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1. Injuries

down for the season

I know, I know, you can't hate a team for the things that they cannot control. The Cardinals have had a lot of injuries this season. Kolb, Skelton, Levi Brown, Beanie Wells, and that's just to name a few. The list goes on and on. There is no doubt in my mind that a healthy Cardinals team would be 6-3, maybe even 7-2 right now. They have had some unpredictable wins and a lot more losses that they should have won. The rest of the season is going to be difficult to watch if more players go down. It will be a wait and see approach for many fans as they wait for injury news on DE Calais Campbell. His injury could really hamper the Cardinals chances of winning any more football games.