Chicago Bears Cut a Tight End


In order to make roster space for quarterback Josh McCown, the Chicago Bears released a tight end earlier today. Folks, I am sorry to say it isn’t Kellen Davis or Matt Spaeth, but Brody Eldridge. Last season, Eldridge started 16 games over the past two seasons for the Indianapolis Colts catching 14 passes for 84 yards. The former Oklahoma Sooner was known more for his blocking than pass catching.

This leads me to wonder how bad Eldridge must be in the coaches’ eyes that he didn’t even see the field this year? Considering how atrocious the Bears’ tight ends are, why wouldn’t Eldridge be given a shot? He has NFL experience, and it is nearly impossible for him to be a worse blocker than Davis or a worse athlete than Spaeth. I haven’t even mentioned Kyle Adams or Evan Rodriguez, but there cannot be a worse collection of tight ends in the National Football League.

I know I am beating dead Spartan, but Davis is quite possibly the most frustrating Bear in my lifetime. He is one of the league’s most physically impressive tight ends at 6’7 and 267 pounds. That is where it ends for the former seventh-round draft choice. This guy couldn’t block my four-year old son.  While he occasionally makes catches, he drops as many and fails to run solid routes. So why does this guy continue to get reps when he obviously isn’t helping the cause is beyond me?

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