Is Jason Campbell another Caleb Hanie for the Chicago Bears?

Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE

Watching Jason Campbell throw check-down passes to backup tight end Matt Spaeth isn’t giving me much hope for his chances as Chicago Bears quarterback. It is not like the Bears don’t have Brandon Marshall or Matt Forte if you need to throw an underneath pass.

Last season, I had to suffer through Caleb Hanie and his lack of quarterbacking and brain skills as he found ways to lose games after Jay Cutler injured his thumb. While I believe Campbell has better physical tools than Hanie (heck, even my two year-old daughter has better physical tools), I am not sure if he makes solid decisions. Even during the preseason, Campbell wasn’t very impressive. Campbell needs to play quarterback like he actually is an NFL veteran with experience. Oh wait, he is an NFL veteran with experience.

It is not like the Bears have a choice at this point. While Josh McCown was signed today as a backup quarterback until Cutler comes back, it isn’t like he’s anything special either. So this upcoming Monday Night assuming Cutler doesn’t play against the San Francisco 49ers, I get to suffer through Campbell. It would almost be more entertaining to watch the WNBA skills competition. Based on what I’ve seen from Campbell, this will be a very long and frustrating night for the Bears’ offense.

Luckily for me, the Bears defense is looking strong. That is their only saving grace. The 49ers appear to be without the services of their starting quarterback Alex Smith, so all of us will be entertained by what should end up resembling the fourth preseason game offensively for both teams. If you like defense, handoffs, punts and field goals, tune in next Monday Night. You are sure to have your fill of what should turn out to be an exciting 9-6 game. Oh boy!

For the love of Sundays, I hope this isn’t the theme song for the rest of the season. Follow me on Twitter @ChicagoBearJew for more fun and games.

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