It Should Be Ricky Stanzi Time In Kansas City

By Riley Schmitt

Right now, the Kansas City Chiefs might be the laughingstock of professional sports. The team seemingly finds new ways to lose every week and it never gets better. Matt Cassel is way too overpaid and it appears that he is just bad at football. Personally, I think it is time the Chiefs give backup QB Ricky Stanzi a chance and I am not the only one.

Although not many people may ever agree with Whitlock, he raises a good point.  The Chiefs have a fairly loyal and intelligent fan base.  They know good football when they see it.  They also know when it is time to make a change.  Sending Cassel back out there does nothing.  Giving a young guy like Stanzi a chance can only benefit the team.

The season is already over for the team, so you might as well see what the young guy can do.  Stanzi was a good quarterback in college and he had some very impressive games.  He might be a little turnover happy, but have you seen what Cassel has done?  It would take a lot of effort to end up being worse than Cassel.

Stanzi might not be the guy.  He could come in and throw up an absolute stinkbomb.  At this point, it does not matter.  The team needs to see if Stanzi is worth attempting to keep.  If he does fine, that’s great.  If he’s bad, you can let him go.  Throwing Cassel out to the wolves won’t help anyone anymore.

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