NFL Rumors: Are Jacksonville Jaguars Interested In Oregon Coach Chip Kelly?

By Joey Farbo
Oregon Chip Kelly

Just about nothing has gone right for the Jacksonville Jaguars this season and it appears that new owner Shahid Khan is heading towards a complete offseason housecleaning following a disappointing 2012 season.

A complete housecleaning would include the firing of head coach Mike Mularkey after only one season in Jacksonville, but to this point his team has done absolutely nothing that would support retaining him next year. If the Jaguars do decide to look elsewhere for a head coach next offseason, they may have Oregon head coach Chip Kelly on the top of their wishlist.

Oregon athletic director Mike Bellotti certainly thinks that Kelly’s jump to the NFL is inevitable:

“It’s just inevitable that he will eventually be in the NFL,” Bellotti told Dennis Dodd of CBS. “Chip is one of the ultimate competitors and he sees that. It actually surprised me he changed his mind [with the Bucs] last year. Whether they get to the national championship and whether they win the national championship, I don’t know. To think he’ll stay there when ultimately his idea of top jobs is to get to the Super Bowl, it won’t happen, unfortunately, at the college level.”

Kelly and his Oregon teams are famous for their up-tempo, high scoring offenses, a total opposite from what the Jaguars offense has been for the last ten years. It is apparent that the NFL is moving in the direction of the Kelly style offense and bringing in a coach with the pedigree of Kelly would allow the Jaguars to get in ahead of the curb as the NFL rules continue to increasingly favor high scoring offenses.

After this season, Khan needs to make a significant splash to re-energize the fan base, bringing in Kelly would certainly do that.

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