NFLPA Wants Concussion Experts On Sidelines During Games

By Marc Jenkins
NFLPA Wants Concussion Experts on Sidelines
Kirby Lee-US Presswire

Week 10 was a very violent one around the National Football League as several players, especially quarterbacks were bashed and bruised causing many injuries including the most talked about aliment to athletes these days which is the concussion.

On Sunday, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, Philadelphia Eagles signal caller Michael Vick and the San Francisco 49ers man under center Alex Smith were all removed from their respective games due to suffering concussions during them and now the NFLPA wants something more done to ensure that their players are receiving the proper care as soon as these types of injuries occur.

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith has requested to the NFL that “concussion specialists” who have no affiliation with the teams be placed on the sidelines during NFL games to over see concussion protocols and to treat players as well. The players union has said on countless occasions there is a certain level of inconsistency when it comes to the concussion guidelines and how teams adhere to them during games.

The NFLPA wants the league to accept responsibility for creating a disciplined, prompt and safe environment for players who are injured during the course of a game. The players union wants the concussion experts to be paid by the league and not each individual team in order to ensure that the correct procedures are taking place for the players safety.

This isn’t the first time that the NFLPA has asked for the specialists to be placed on the sidelines and after last week’s action they have a much stronger case to gain this right. There has been no word from the league as to where they stand on the matter since Smith made his statement on Monday.

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