Offensive Woes Continue for New York Jets

By ryanvanhoover

You would think after a bye week the New York Jets offense would come out and play with a purpose, but no the Jets offense was pathetic in a 28-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Quarterback Mark Sanchez continued his struggles, throwing for 122 yards on 9 of 22 throwing with 1 interception.

The Jets are just lifeless on offense and the bye week did them no good. You’d think the offense didn’t make the long trip. They had no sustained drives, no running game, and just played terribly as a unit. When the Jets had a drive going in the second quarter, it ended when Sanchez threw an interception in the red zone. Sanchez then had a fumble in the 3rd quarter and the Seahawks turned it into a touchdown and the game was over

The Jets defense played well in the first half, but just got worn down because of the offenses inability to keep drives going. The Jets defense scored the only touchdown of the game for the team. Defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson recovered a fumble and returned it 21 yards for a touchdown to tie the game in the second half.

That was the type of the play that has sparked the Jets in the past when the team was struggling, but that wasn’t the case today. The Jets defense had three sacks and did well at times to keep the team in the game, but just couldn’t overcome the struggles of the offense.

This team just can’t rely on their defense to win them games because they aren’t the same defense as in years pas,t and if they are on the field for long periods they are going give up plays sooner or later. The team has to regroup and go back to the drawing board


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