Phil Simms: "Eli Manning Not Elite"

By Andrew Lecointe


Matthew Emmons — US Presswire

New York Giants QB Eli Manning has to revisit his elite quarterback comments after his recent struggles, or at least that’s what Phil Simms wants to do. Simms, former Giants quarterback from 1979 to 1993, stated on the NFL Monday Quarterback show on CBS Sports Network.

Former quarterback Dan Fouts disagreed with Simms, pointing out how Manning has come up big in clutch situations for the Giants throughout the course of his career. It was probably inevitable this was going to be revisited after Manning’s latest struggles. Is Manning an elite quarterback?

I do not believe his latest struggles all of a sudden puts him out of the elite category. The Giants go as Manning goes, so it’s understandable the Giants are struggling as a team because their quarterback isn’t playing his best football now. However, Manning has the uncanny ability to forget the bad that has happened and come up large when needed.

Even though Manning didn’t struggle during the Giants four-game slide last year, he certainly wasn’t at his best. When Manning turned things around and was effective, the Giants were winning playoff games en route to another championship.

There isn’t a guarantee the same is going to happen this year. The Giants do like to make things hard on themselves. They will attempt to win the division the hard way, being in control at 6-2 but dropping back toward the pack. It definitely will not be easy this year. Some are even saying the Dallas Cowboys control their own destiny because of their easy schedule.

Simms sounds like a guy who seems bitter at the Giants organization for something. Maybe it’s because they let him go after the 1993 season. Simms led the team to an 11-5 record and a playoff win in his final season with the team. Maybe it’s the fact that many regard Manning as the best Giants quarterback in modern history.

Whatever the case may be, this is the same guy who tried to argue Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco is elite. Ravens fans will probably tell you he isn’t. Manning has dealt with the disrespect many times before. However, it shouldn’t come from a former Giant.

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