Philip Rivers, Norv Turner: 'Til Death Do Us Part

By Anthony Blake
Norv Turner, Philip Rivers - San Diego Chargers

The symbiotic relationship between San Diego Chargers’ head coach Norv Turner and quarterback Philip Rivers continues to spin out of control. Both have come under fire recently for their lackluster performances thus far in 2012 and now they have each taken up the cause of defending the other.

While some have said that Rivers has been part of the problem for the Bolts in recent years, Turner disagrees. He said: ”You know, Philip Rivers gave us a chance to win that game. He made so many plays that a lot of guys can’t make. It’s hard for me to answer that question because I just don’t think people have an understanding of what that question means. What you do is you go put together a team, put together a lineup that gives you the best chance to win, okay?”

The idea of benching Rivers now is certainly a ridiculous one with only Charlie Whitehurst on the bench as a potential replacement. Still the thought of completing restarting the organization next season with a new staff and a fresh quarterback is somewhat appealing. Rivers has shown the propensity to press and try to create things that just aren’t there at times. That in turn results in him throwing the ball to the other team on a regular basis which puts the team behind the eight-ball when they are in comeback mode.

It’s no wonder that Turner is touchy when it comes to criticism of Rivers. It was the Chargers’ quarterback who was the first to defend his coach when many began suggesting that he should be fired after the team’s back-to-back collapses a month ago. This is clearly a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ situation and it seems like Rivers has now tied his fate to Turner as well.

Most have already suggested that missing the playoffs this year will be the end for Turner and general manager A.J. Smith in San Diego, but it’s a new notion that Rivers too could be kicked to the curb. These three appear now more than ever to be inseparable in terms of their success or failure. This could be the classic case of going down with the ship if things don’t get turned around quickly for the Bolts in 2012.

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