Rex Ryan Emotional After Loss

By ryanvanhoover
USPRESSWIRE- Joe Nicholson

Football is an emotional game for everybody involved the players, coaches, the front office, and even their fans because everybody cares. People go through the ups and downs of an entire season because everybody wants their team to succeed. The wins are sweet and cherishable, but the losses eat away at you and test your character. Its been said that you learn more about yourself after a loss.

For the New York Jets and their coach Rex Ryan, this has been a very disappointing season and the season is slipping away after their loss Sunday to the Seattle Seahawks that dropped the Jets record to 3-6. Ryan has been saying that this is the best team that he has had since he has been with the Jets.

Every year Ryan has talked about his team is going to win the Super Bowl and hoist the trophy, but after Sundays loss Ryan got emotional and broke down in front of his teams while giving his post game speech. You have to respect Ryan for believing in his team and that his team can win every time they step on the field. He is full of confidence and at times arrogant about how he feels about his team, but after Sundays loss reality is setting in with him.

Ryan realizes his team is going down hill and probably not going to be able to dig themselves out of this hole and make a playoff run. Ryan definitely cares about his team and you have to like how he stands behind them, but after the season Ryan has to come to grips that this team needs a lot of change. This is mostly the same team that went to two straight AFC Championship games, but not being able to get over the hump has got to be hard on Ryan. It’s hard to come to grips when you know you team is bad.

The Jets offense couldn’t get 200 yards of offense in Sundays loss and with the defense not up to par as in years past its got to be tough on Ryan. When the season ends, we will find out what Ryan will do and what he has learned from this miserable season because he realizes this team can’t get to the Super Bowl as he would like to.

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