Ruling Made on Resisting Charges Against Adrian Peterson

By Andrew Fisher

In what was an almost forgotten story in the many issues surrounding Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, a ruling has been made in regards to the resisting arrest charges from a July 13th incident.

If you’ll recall, Peterson was arrested after a nightclub incident in Houston where he was accused of shoving an off-duty police officer who was working as a security guard. The confrontation led to his arrest, but he quickly was released on bond later in the morning.

Well nearly four months later, the charges against him have been officially dropped.

Peterson acted quickly and hired popular attorney Rusty Hardin, and vehemently denied the accusations from day one stating he, “didn’t push, shove, touch anything to anyone that night, especially an officer.”

He sent a text today that read: “They dropped the charges. Thank God.”

Peterson can officially put this ‘incident’ behind him with the ruling. I use the word ‘incident’ loosely because this whole thing sounded fishy to me from day one. Talk about uncharacteristic behavior, AP has one of the best reputations around the NFL, and not for one second did I think he was guilty of any crime.

The league also gave him the benefit of the doubt too as they never took any disciplinary action against the star running back, something you don’t see too often in today’s NFL.

AP can fully return his attention to dominating opposing defenses, in what has become one memorable season for the now MVP candidate.

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